Testing OpenSkipper with NMEA simulator

You can test OpenSkipper with NMEA simulator. NMEA simulator can send simulated data to COM port. So you need linked COM port pair for testing. This can be done with 2 real COM ports linked with null modem cable or great null modem emulator com0com. Here are instructions for installing all necessary applications without need for any physical COM port for testing.

Now if everything went right, you should see data on OpenSkipper from NMEA simulator. You can e.g. slide throddle up and turn rudder a bit, then your boat start to move and slowly turn. You can see values changing on OpenSkipper displays.

You can test OpenSkipper Web server by enabling it:

Next you can start to define diplays for OpenSkipper for your own needs. You can also create an other COM port pair on com0com setup and rename them e.g. COMIN-COMOUT (OpenSkipper can only see port names starting with COM) and then use that pair for NMEA0183 data on simulator and OpenSkipper. So in principle you can simulate your own yacht data by configuring related data to simulator and OpenSkipper.

Have fun, but when you go out to the sea, remember to turn OpenSkipper to use real data instead of simulated data!

You can use NMEA simulator for personal use for free. For commercial use, please contact author (see Help-About on NMEA simulator) to support development.

There is no warranty, so use all applications with your own risk.

Timo Lappalainen/10.12.2016

Disable driver signature enforcement for Windows8

Before you can install unsigned drivers like com0com, you have to disable driver signature enforcement. There is video how to do it on
and textual solution on
Below are simple textual instructions.